We offer thorough inspections on all types of homes. Some of the items that are inspected include:
  • Roofing
  • Attic
  • Exterior
  • Structural Components
  • Foundation
  • Site & Landscaping
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing & Plumbing Fixtures
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Interior Walls & Floor Coverings
  • Cabinets & Counters
  • Appliances

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Committed to providing timely, accurate, and highly professional home inspection services.

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We also work with all types of properties:

  • Pre-Purchase / Resale
  • Listing / Pre-sale
  • New Home 1-Year Warranty
  • Pre-Drywall / Framing
  • Mobile / Manufactured Homes
  • Swimming Pools
  • Computer generated report with color images


  • S.A.
    Very thorough and helpful with directions to proceed
    July 2015
  • P.G.
    Outstanding service.
    August 2015
  • K.M.
    I love working with Mr. Angelino. He is professional, pleasant and knowledgeable. I have used him as my primary inspector for the last 7+ years and am never disappointed. He is available after the inspection and if there is an issue he is there to answer questions and take care of the client. As an agent he is an important part of my team! Kris Miller HomeSmart 480-236-6181
    Scottsdale AZ, December 2015
  • J.C.
    Good job, very honest and to the point. answered and explained all questions.
    July 2009
  • M.H.
    Very thorough. Professional attitude. Reasonable price. Will do business again.
    July 2009
  • S.D.
    James was awesome! He was very thorough and informative. Thank you!
    August 2009
  • M.G.
    Mr. Angelino was professional and extremely detailed. I would certainly recommend him to others!
    September 2009
  • M.H.
    Thank you Mr. Angelino for all you help! The Harvey's
    October 2009
  • K.M.
    You do a great job of disclosing the condition of the property in a way that is clear and complete. You know your business and share it in a way that makes the customer feel informed and confident.
    Scottsdale AZ, October 2009
  • T.W.
    Thanks Jim...you're the best!
    Phoenix AZ, January 2010
  • C.K.
    Thank you very much for your professionalism and your thorough home inspection!
    March 2010
  • L.S.
    Very friendly and business like, very thourgh, not a rush job.would use Mr. Angelino again.thank you.
    March 2010
  • E.T.
    Great job. Took his time with the inspection and then took the time to explain each thing to the client. Would definitely recommend.
    Mesa AZ, March 2010
  • S.R.
    Jim did a wonderful job inspecting the home and was always making sure we understood his findings and recommendations for repairs. We were very impressed and would definitely recommend him to friends and family.
    July 2010
  • D.F.
    You are terrific. Very professional and all my clients will reuse you in the future.
    September 2010
  • K.T.
    Thank you, great job!
    October 2010
  • S.C.
    James is the best inspecter and we have been workin togather for the past 10 years
    October 2010
  • C.F.
    I've used James for years and he's the best in the business. Personal and professional he gives my clients top notch service and explains everything in detail to where my clients understand. Thanks James!
    October 2010
  • T.B.
    This guy is FANTASTIC!
    Gilbert AZ, January 2011
  • C.J.
    Mr. Angelino was extremely thorough during the inspection of our future home. He took the time to explain, and explain in-depth, what immediate and future risks need to be addressed.
    February 2011
  • E.T.
    Always good to have someone you can trust do your inspections. Wouldn't use anyone else.
    Mesa AZ, February 2011
  • T.L.
    He was great! Absolutly honest and very friendly and fun. He does his job well and if I have to do this again, I want him to do it.
    March 2011
  • L.M.
    Great guy - thorough inspection.
    April 2011
  • B.P.
    We found Jim to be helpful, prompt, knowledgeable and would recommend him to anyone wanting a professional inspection. Bill & Tina Philipson
    May 2011
  • P.F.
    Very thorough and professional.
    May 2011
  • A.P.
    Very thorough, knowledgeable and expeditious. I would highly recommend.
    June 2011
  • T.S.
    Very professional, knowlwdgeable, willing to discuss the report and answer questions.
    February 2012
  • K.H.
    When I showed up at the property to meet my clients Jim was walking around the home showing my client every detail on the report. After the inspection, they knew more about the house, which allowed them to make decisions with confidence. My 1st time home buyers had all their questions answered and encouraged to just call Jim anytime!
    September 2012
  • S.Y.
    The inspection was tremendous. The inspector Jim Angelino was very good. The report had numorous photographs and was very imformative.
    February 2013
  • M.K.
    Very thorough and very good at explaining the inspection and the results to the clients.
    Scottsdale AZ, February 2014
  • L.Q.
    thank you james for helping us today and giving us your knowledge it help us save thousands
    April 2014
  • C.E.
    Jim has performed several home inspections for my clients. Not only is he prompt and respond on short notice, but he is very thorough in his inspections. I'd recommend Jim to anyone needing a home inspections
    August 2014
  • K.C.
    Very thorough and took the time to explain everything he did and the issues he found.
    January 2015
  • C.E.
    Jim has done an amazing job on the numerous home inspections he's performed for my clients. He's thorough, knowledgeable, and works great with my buyers. He does a great job of walking my clients through the inspection. Jim has always tried to accommodate short notice inspections. I can't recommend him enough.
    May 2015
  • R.J.
    I was pleased with your knowledge and professionalism! I would recommend you to a friend.
    June 2015